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Secondary Aluminum Lauded as Key Component in Meeting Climate Targets

Are the net-zero carbon emissions targets required by the Paris Agreement and slated to occur between 2050 -2070, simply too hard to reach for the global aluminum industry?  That is the question Miles Prosser, secretary-general of the International Aluminum Institute, is asking while reflecting that the situation is “challenging” (Platts, [...]

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Optimism Sets the Tone for Medium to Long Term Aluminum Demand

Optimism sets the tone for aluminum demand during the recovery phase of the coronavirus pandemic, as governments invest in infrastructure, construction, and the automotive sector in order to help the economic recovery of their countries.  Although Miles Prosser, Secretary-General of International Aluminum Institute, sees a small mismatch between the present [...]

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Market Forces and Aluminum Supply Chain Management

Although Covid-19 poses a challenge to mining and metals supply chains, it is important to remember that price volatility is nothing new; in fact, throughout 2018 factors such as climate change, tariffs, shutdowns beginning in China, and a lack of diversification have all affected supply chains, much of which has [...]

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Upward trend for automotive sales expected as result of easing CoVID-19 restrictions

The CoVID-19 pandemic outbreak was a major roadblock for the automotive sector. In March 2020, 80% of automotive and related companies reported that the health crisis will have a direct impact on their revenues. 78% also stated they did not have enough staff to run a production line. The reason [...]

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Eccomelt LLC Supplying Customers who are Manufacturing Essential Extrusions for Healthcare Infrastructure

When people think of essential services, hospitals immediately come to mind. Eccomelt LLC is proud to be supplying our customers, like Bonnell Aluminum, who have adapted their production to manufacture essential extrusions. These materials are used for building temporary emergency hospitals, shelters, and many other much needed healthcare infrastructures. We [...]

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How is the nCoV-19 (Coronavirus) Impacting Aluminum and Commodities Markets?

The price of aluminum has drastically fallen in the last month due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus that originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Industry experts are fearing a repeat of the 2003 “SARS Shock”, when an epidemic of severe acute respiratory syndrome shook markets around the [...]

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Key Highlights from the S&P Global Platts Aluminum Symposium 2020 and Dan Bitton, CEO of Eccomelt LLC, Comments

Eccomelt executives recently attended the S&P Global Platts Aluminum Symposium between January 19 and 21, 2020. During the conference, we had the pleasure of meeting senior managers, analysts and investors of all facets of the aluminum industry.  The symposium also served as an opportunity for us to discuss the company’s [...]

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Eccomelt Participates at IMEDAL Annual Meeting in Mexico City | Eccomelt

The Eccomelt Team participated in the IMEDAL’s (Mexican Aluminum Institute) annual meeting in Mexico City on the 4th of December 2019. At the meeting, Martin Hartlieb, technical advisor for Eccomelt, delivered a keynote presentation on the economic outlook for 2020, including the potential impact of the USMCA. A review of [...]

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The China Paradox: Automotive Slowdown and Electric Vehicle Boom

Many analysts say that the real concern for automakers is the car industry downturn in China. China’s slowdown is expected to continue into 2020 and the impact is already being felt by auto manufacturers and auto part makers across the globe. China is the largest automotive market in the world, [...]

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Highlights of Keynote Speech on USMCA | Eccomelt356.2 | Secondary A356.2

Eccomelt LLC recently participated in the Alumexico 2019 Congress in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, which was held from August 21 – 23. The Congress was well attended by many major players (e.g., researchers, industrial and educational institutions, academics, and industry executives) in the Mexican aluminum industry, and also by companies [...]

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