Bocar Group Presents Eccomelt LLC with Award for Excellence in Quality and Delivery

Bocar Group, full-service supplier of high quality and innovative autoparts, with locations across the globe, has presented Eccomelt LLC with its Award for Excellence in Quality and On-time Delivery. Expert in the  development and production of high quality and complex assemblies produced from aluminum high pressure die casting and semi permanent mold casting, Bocar has selected Eccomelt as the recipient of this award due to their shared priorities of quality, sustainable value streams, and integrity.  Frank Cicchino, Director of Sales (pictured above), was at Bocar Headquarters, in  Lerma, Mexico on Thursday, September 9 to receive the award.

This recognition of the quality of our product is the result of our commitment to continuous improvement in the areas of systems, processes, logistics, and operations, says Zulf Karim, COO of Eccomelt.  “We take the feedback of our customers’ audits to heart, and improve on every iteration of every audit…each one enables us to reach greater achievements in the areas of operations”. 

Dean Clarke, Manager of Operations at the Toronto location, adds that “our emphasis on training and machinery has enabled us to produce a high purity product, that exceeds our customers’ expectations, and our process control ensures our traceability from the moment eccomelt356.2 is produced”. 

And it’s customers like Bocar, who are committed to the industry and who provide the expert feedback we need to continue to excel in these areas.  Santosh Prabha, Sr. Operations Engineer at Eccomelt’s Toronto facility, elaborates on the importance of this feedback cycle: “We have a fast-acting, flexible team on the floor that responds to the systems we implement that are a direct result of our customers’ feedback.  As an engineer, to have the type of team that we do, always striving for improvement, gives us a lot of confidence in the systems we develop to best serve our customers.”

Perhaps what distinguishes Eccomelt from other suppliers is its proactivity.  According to Jeff Belne, Logistics manager at the Toronto location, “We aim to get in front of any issues that may arise.  We work closely with all of our locations and customers to ensure on time pick up and delivery.  We clue them in, and once we’ve earned their trust, they know they can rely on us.”

Indeed, over the last few years, Eccomelt has been able to react amid the supply disruptions by alternating delivery from its multiple locations. “Because of our three locations, we’ve bypassed stressful situations and met our deadlines virtually 100% every time.  We measure this punctuality and get quantifiable reports on this”, says Dan Bitton, CEO.  “In a year of supply challenges, our logistics team has proven once again that we can manage the risk and are achieving the highest standards for our customers.”

Eccomelt’s Georgia facility is the plant that is largely responsible for shipping to Bocar, and works closely with all other locations on an ongoing basis to ensure eccomelt356.2 is arriving on time, where it needs to go.  Darrin Hayes, Plant Manager in Manchester, Georgia, stresses that teamwork, transparency, and taking ownership and pride in what we do have enabled us to win this award. 

Mr. Hayes perhaps sums it up best when he says:  “We’re only as good as our employees on the floor, who show up everyday and consider the Eccomelt team to be like family.  We have a core group here that is dedicated to communication, and continuous improvement. You just can’t beat that.”