eccomelt356.2 has been used to produce wheels using a low pressure casting process since 2006. 

Due its high purity and cleanliness, eccomelt356.2 is ideally suited for parts with high surface finish requirements, such as wheels.

Engine Cradles/ Subframes

These parts are typically produced in the gravity (semi) permanent mold or low pressure casting process.  

eccomelt356.2 is used because it enables the  achievement of  excellent mechanical properties in the castings.  

Powertrain Castings

eccomelt356.2 is ideal for powertrain castings like cylinder heads, differential carriers, engine mounts, various brackets and  oil pans because it is an  economical  alternative to A356.2 and  allows for the achievement of exactly the right properties for these casting. 

The casting methods used range from sand casting, permanent mold to various low pressure casting processes.

Brake Components

Brake components like calipers and master brake cylinders are made from eccomelt356.2 typically in gravity and low pressure permanent mold processes.  

eccomelt356.2 is an econcomical alternative to A356.2 that allows for excellent mechanical properties in these auto parts.

Suspension Parts 

Suspension parts like front and rear knuckles and control arms are made from eccomelt356.2 in various gravity and low pressure casting processes. 

Fatigue properties are crucial in these autoparts, and eccomelt356.2 enables the achievement of all necessary requirements.

Structural Castings I

eccomelt356.2 is used as a high quality basis for most alloys for structural castings, such as Body in White, closures, battery housings, etc. because it has an ideal chemistry for the alloys needed for these parts.

They are typically  HPDC (high pressure die casting) and requirements include crash worthiness because they will absorb energy and protect the driver and passengers.

Structural Castings II

eccomelt356.2 is used in the door hinge pillar for this large EV as a structural casting. The most critical test used for this casting is the Zag Test.  When employees need to swing out of their vans and hang onto the door for deliveries, etc.,  this hinge needs to hold them!  eccomelt356.2’s achievable mechanical properties ensure its success.