CastExpo 2019: M. Hartlieb Presentation – Highlights | A356.2 Substitute -Eccomelt

Last month, Eccomelt LLC participated in the CastExpo 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia. Martin Hartlieb, the President of Viami International and a keynote speaker at the CastExpo 2019, presented the results of his Quebec Metallurgy Centre (CMQ) study on Eccomelt356.2 (substitute for A356.2 Ingot).  It was a pleasure to meet everyone and we trust that the technical findings we presented have enhanced your knowledge about sustainable aluminum casting practices.

The CastExpo took place between April 27 and April 30, 2019. According to the AFS, it was attended by more than 5,000 visitors from over 32 countries. Over 1,000 people attended both the Eccomelt booth and our presentation by Mr. Hartlieb, representing a significant fraction of the total Expo attendees.

To say the CastExpo was a success is an understatement. The event featured over 400 exhibitors and several technical presentations. Attendees were able to learn about the latest equipment and sign new deals, network and reconnect with peers and prospects. Most importantly attendees learned about the latest developments in metal casting.

Eccomelt’s Presentation at the CASTEXPO & METALCASTING Congress

On April 30, 2019, Martin Hartlieb presented the results of his study on Eccomelt356.2, which was conducted at the Quebec Metallurgy Center (CMQ). CMQ is an independent R&D centre that conducted tests on Eccomelt356.2. The presentation highlighted Eccomelt356.2’s cleanliness and excellent mechanical properties in different casting methods with no additional treatment.

The lecture was given in the Aluminium Division immediately follow Rio Tinto’s presentation of their new wheel alloy, which is very similar to the current A356.2 (actually 357). The alloy offers increased strength at equal ductility, which could lead to up to 7 % weight reduction in wheels. In fact, this new alloy could easily integrate a significant amount of Eccomelt356.2. The new wheel alloy works at the lower end of the Si spectrum of A356/357, with a 0.15 % Fe, slightly higher Mg (like 357) and some Mn addition; a chemistry that can be easily blended with eccomelt356.2 as the basis/main ingredient.

Martin Hartlieb Presentation Highlights the Importance of Sustainable Practices in Aluminum Casting | Recycled A356.2

Martin Hartlieb’s presentation was well received and his research had considerable positive feedback and comments. The biggest takeaway – Eccomelt356.2 is an extremely clean metal with very low impurities. The surface quality is significantly better than any other conventionally recycled (shredded) wheels, and obviously has huge advantages over any re-melted A356 type materials. The Eccomelt356.2 melt rate is very high and additional melt loss from increased surface area (compared to ingots) is minimal. Accordingly, overall melting costs for any foundry should normally by as low as or lower than any type of ingots. In the test results, the mechanical properties of the cast parts were extremely good and certainly comparable with parts made from primary A356.2 ingots. Indeed, a foundry using Eccomelt356.2 can truly benefit from the lower price point without compromising on quality.

Eccomelt356.2 | Direct Substitute for A356.2 Ingot, Sow & T-bar

Alongside Alcan R&D, Eccomelt has developed a patented revolutionary process that produces a specification alloy from aluminum wheels at a lower cost than traditional methods and that meets that EPA definition of CLEAN CHARGE.

Eccomelt ships products to foundries within North America including the United States, Canada, and Mexico, and worldwide, such as France, Ireland, Italy, Serbia, and Spain. Our product is the material of choice for many consumers because it is chemically pure and environmentally-friendly. Its shredded form has achieved higher melting rates than Ingot, Sow or T-Bar. Environmental testing has also proven the process eliminates all coatings.

If you would like to be in contact with Eccomelt please visit our website. We would be delighted to hear from you.