Eccomelt356.2 is an economical , recycled A356.2 substitute made from upgraded aluminum wheels. It is a material of choice among consumers because of its chemical purity, environmental friendliness, and high melting rates. Having patented this process, Eccomelt has been recognized as one of Canada’s best-known aluminum processors.

The eco-friendly aspect of Eccomelt356.2 is invaluable to environmental sustainability worldwide. Indeed, aluminum recycling preserves energy and natural resources. The production of primary aluminum involves extracting alumina from the ore bauxite, which not only depletes the fixed amount of metal that exists on earth, and can lead to environmental problems with mining (acid mine drainage, etc.) but also uses a tremendous amount of electricity. In addition, since a large amount of carbon is used in the process, the refining of aluminum generates large amounts of greenhouse gas emissions.

Eccomelt356.2 – An Environmentally Friendly Foundry Alloy Substitute for Ingot, Sow and T-bar

Recycling aluminum, on the other hand, is 92% more energy efficient than making new aluminum, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 95%. Clearly, purchasing Eccomelt356.2 is not only good for business (because it is significantly less expensive per pound than primary ingot), but it also preserves the environment. In fact, recycling just 2,000 pounds of aluminum conserves up to 16,000 pounds of bauxite ore and 14-megawatt hours of electricity (not including what is needed for shipping the bauxite from abroad). On average, 76 million megawatt hours of electricity can be saved per year by recycling aluminum! As Eccomelt LLC continues to demonstrate, aluminum is 100% recyclable and our Eccomelt356.2 shred produces the same quality castings as primary aluminum.
The global demand for aluminum continues to rise, and in the U.S. and Canada alone, 5 million tons of aluminum are recycled each year (nearly 40% of North American supply), which saves more than 90 percent of the energy that would otherwise be used in the production of primary aluminum.

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Eccomelt is a division of House of Metals Co. Ltd., founded in 1953 and has achieved
recognition as being one of Canada’s best-known aluminum processors.

We can assist consumers who do not wish to pay more for premiums and are looking to save on their purchases. Alongside Alcan R&D, we have developed an economical recycled A356.2 substitute from aluminum wheels. Our product is the material of choice for many consumers because it is chemically pure and environmentally-friendly. Its shredded form has achieved higher melting rates than Ingot, Sow or T-Bar. Environmental testing has also proven the process eliminates all coatings.

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