Eccomelt356.2 – Direct A356.2 Substitute and its Applications and Benefits Highlighted in Three October 2018 Expos

October 2018 has been a busy month for Eccomelt. Our innovative leaders participated in three major expositions, the Die Casting Congress & Exposition in Indianapolis, IN, the Fundi Expo in Guadalajara, Mexico, and Aluminum 2018 in Düsseldorf, Germany. Martin Hartlieb was our speaker at all three events, presenting his different papers on the subject of Eccomelt356.2, showing its potential not only as a high quality substitute for A356.2 ingots, but also as an ecological and economical alternative to produce low Fe aluminum-silicon alloys.

Aluminium 2018 – The Major Aluminum Congress Worldwide Held Bi-annually in Düsseldorf, Germany

The Aluminium 2018 can, without a doubt, be considered THE largest aluminum congress worldwide, with 971 exhibitors from 54 countries, and it attracted this year again almost 25,000 visitors from all over the world. Parallel to this enormous exhibition, the GDA organized technical sessions in different categories. In the “Recycling session”, the focus was on adding value to the aluminum value chain with recycled aluminum, which leaves a low carbon footprint and is therefore a much more ecological alternative to primary aluminum. Martin Hartlieb presented the characteristics and advantages of Eccomelt356.2 as an economical and ecological alternative to A356.2 or as starting material for other high quality low Fe aluminum-silicon alloys. Among the attendees were not only aluminum recycling companies, but also various primary producers, aluminum consumers/processors and end users of aluminum products/components who are concerned about the carbon footprint of their products.

Die Casting Congress and Exposition | Eccomelt356.2 – an Ecological and Economical Alternative for Producing Low Fe Aluminum Alloys

The Die Casting Congress and Exposition, organized by the North American Die Casting Association, was a three-day event featuring more than 120 exhibitors and offering educational sessions given by industry experts from around the world. The exposition drew in thousands of attendees.
The key question posed during Mr. Hartlieb’s lecture was: Can Eccomelt356.2 be used to produce the fastest growing alloy family low Fe / structural die casting alloys? In his technical paper, Hartlieb proves that the chemistry of Eccomelt356.2 is completely within the range of primary A356.2 (Al with 7% Si and around 0.3% Mg) ingots, and therefore an ideal starting material for most structural / low Fe die casting alloys. Mr. Hartlieb then presented a thorough account of the results of the Quebec Metallurgy Center’s (CMQ’s) testing in the following areas: visual and surface contamination inspection, melting and analysis of dross formation / melt loss (compared to ingots), emissions (fumes, smoke), chemical analysis & H measurement, metal cleanliness analysis, casting test bars in permanent and sand molds (ASTM),heat treatment of test bars, analysis of mechanical properties in different conditions, and microscopic analysis. Hartlieb concluded, after a step by step presentation, that the results of the CMQ research prove that Eccomelt356.2 is indeed ideal for the production of such low Fe structural die casting alloys. Several attendees confirmed that they are indeed already using Eccomelt356.2 to produce their structural (low Fe) die casting alloys and others said they are about to run trials/qualifications.

About Martin Hartlieb | Thought Leader on Innovations in the Production of Low Fe Structural Die Casting Alloys

After his bachelor’s and master’s degree in Industrial Engineering at the University of Stuttgart (Germany), Martin started his career in 1995 in Germany and then in Spain at Behr GmbH & Co KG (heat exchangers, engine cooling, HVAC). In 2000 he joined Alcan Inc., first in Markt Schwaben (Germany), where he was in charge of sales and engineering of their Engineered Shaped Products Division. In 2003 he was transferred to Montreal (Canada) to take over the global market development for Alcan (later Rio Tinto Alcan – RTA), He subsequently also held positions in Marketing and Foundry Product Management at RTA. During this time he became a recognized aluminum (and especially foundry/die casting) industry expert and speaker at many conferences and seminars around the globe.
Since 2012 he is president of Viami International Inc., where he works with a number of different producers of aluminum alloys, products and process technologies in developing (international) markets, launching new products and process technologies, etc. He also offers consulting and training in sourcing of aluminum, equipment and technologies as well as process improvement

FundiExpo 2018 | Eccomelt356.2 – Recycled A356.2

In Guadalajara , Mexico, the triannual FundiExpo – Foundry Trade Fair and Congress was held from October 24 to October 26, 2018. The expo is one of most important foundry industry exhibitions in North America. Since its inception, FUNDIEXPO has been at the forefront of the aluminum industry, and is an event focused on bringing global trends from the foundry to the Mexican industry. During the three day congress and exhibition in Guadalajara, experts from all over the world, including Mr. Martin Hartlieb delivering a white paper on Eccomelt356.2, exposed the latest advances in technology and tools for the industry. Indeed, the FundiExpo has kept businesses informed with the latest market trends and cutting-edge technological information, and once again Mr. Hartlieb revealed how Eccomelt356.2 is ideal as a substitute A356.2 in foundries and casthouses as well as the production of low Fe aluminum-silicon casting alloys. The exposition was a major success and was attended by approximately eight thousand thought leaders, producers and consumers.

Benefits to Aluminum Die Casting | Eccomelt356.2 – a Cost-Effective A356.2 Alternative

One of the key advantages to aluminum die casting is that it creates lighter parts—with significantly more surface finishing options than its counterpart die cast alloys. Aluminum can also withstand the highest operating temperatures in comparison to its competitors. Indeed, cast aluminum is versatile, corrosion resistant, and maintains high dimensional stability with thin walls. Today, it is used in numerous industries, including the automotive industry where it improves fuel efficiency by contributing to weight reduction requirements.

Eccomelt356.2 | Direct Substitute for A356.2 Ingot, Sow & T-bar

Alongside Alcan R&D, Eccomelt has developed a patented revolutionary process that produces a specification alloy (A356) from aluminum wheels at a lower cost than any traditional method and that meets the US EPA definition of CLEAN CHARGE.

Eccomelt ships products to foundries and casthouses within North America including the United States, Canada, and Mexico, and worldwide, such as France, Ireland, Italy, Serbia, and Spain. Our product is the material of choice for many consumers because it is chemically pure and environmentally-friendly. Its shredded form has achieved higher melting rates than Ingot, Sow or T-Bar. Environmental testing has also proven the process eliminates all coatings and no harmful emissions (smoke/fumes) are generated during melting.
If you have any questions about our products or about the ALUMIMUM conference and our participation, you may contact us at (888) 356-9557 or visit our website and fill out our contact form.