It’s great to be a trusted supplier of Ronal Group, a company who is clearly committed to an authentically green future for the aluminum industry. 

Using eccomelt356.2, RONAL GROUP’s is manufacturing it’s Mini wheel for the BMW all electric Mini Cooper SE Convertible, in Landau, Germany. 

The Ronal Group has put theory into action and understands that the pursuit of a carbon neutral future depends on responsibly sourced ultra-low carbon materials.  Post-consumer aluminum is the only material that will truly bring down the carbon footprint of aluminum automotive castings and create a genuinely circular environment and economy.  Primary aluminum is highly carbon intensive, and pre-consumer aluminum can never replace post-consumer material to sufficiently reduce the carbon footprint of a casting in a significant way. 

“The post-consumer aluminum is supplied by Eccomelt. It currently has the best carbon footprint on the market and is of the same quality as primary aluminum. By using the recycling material, CO2e emissions in production can be reduced by up to 75%. At the end of its life, the alloy wheel of the MINI Cooper SE Convertible can be recycled and made into a new wheel.” For further information, please read Ronal’s full press release below:

Please click here for the Ronal Press Release: Ronal Group Press Release