Ronal’s R70 Blue: True 70% Reduction in Carbon Footprint compared to Standard Wheels

For in depth analysis of the carbon footprint of Ronal’s R70 Blue with eccomelt356.2 inside, take a look at the PDF below of “Ronal Group Introduces Carbon Neutral Recycled Aluminum Wheel”, published in Light Metal Age Magazine, in the October 2022 edition. Author Martin Hartlieb elaborates on Ronal’s commitment to lowering its carbon footprint, and provides the basis for the calculation of the Ronal R70 blue wheel versus a standard alloy wheel produced in Europe. Ronal has indeed achieved a true 70% reduction in carbon footprint of their iconic wheel.

The article also shows a breakdown of the carbon footprint of the eccomelt356.2 metal, according to GHG Protocol Corporate Standard Scope 1-3, cradle to gate. The Ronal R70 blue uses 60% recycled aluminum, half from production scrap, and half from North America’s largest post-consumer wheel recycler, Eccomelt. Based on cradle to gate production at the Eccomelt plant in Toronto, the eccomelt356.2 process ensures an extremely low carbon footprint with only 0.089 t C02 e/t AL according to GHG protocols Scope1-3. Including all other possible logistics, both packaging and all transport emissions, eccomelt356.2 is delivered to Ronal’s Landau, Germany facility with a total cradle to gate carbon footprint of 0.21 t C02 e/t AL!

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Ronal Group Introduces Carbon Neutral Recycled Aluminum Wheel