Electric Vehicles to Transform Aluminum Demand by 2035

A recent survey done by WardsAuto and DuPont Automobile revealed that aluminum is the preferred material of choice among engineers and designers looking to improve the fuel economy and emissions of automobiles and light truck. Analysts are also suggesting that aluminum is entering growth phase and will remain the fastest [...]

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A356.2 Substitute Addresses Deficit in Aluminum Supply in the U.S.

A trade war between Canada and the United States is imminent due to tariffs imposed on the former’s aluminum and steel by the latter. This decision made by the President of the United States will have a substantial impact on American consumers, especially those looking to purchase new cars and [...]

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4 Industries Adversely Affected by Aluminum Tariffs & Sanctions

In a span of two months, the aluminum industry took two major hits. The first hit came on March 8, 2018 when the President of the United States Donald Trump signed the steel and aluminum tariff proclamations that levied tariffs on the metal imports. Only Canada and the United States [...]

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Aluminum Prices Soar in 2018 | What Now? | Eccomelt356.2

In March, 2018, the President of the United States, Donald Trump announced sanctions against Russia, citing the latter’s interference in the 2016 presidential elections. In a statement made to the press, Treasury Secretary defined the sanctions as "confronting and countering malign Russian cyber activity, including their attempted interference in U.S. [...]

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The Impact of Trump’s Tariffs on the Steel and Aluminum Industry

In February of 2018, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, announced that he would be imposing a 25% tariff on steel imports and a 10% tariff on aluminum imports. The tariff increases were to take effect by the end of March 2018. Trump’s latest salvo may prove to [...]

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Aluminum-Intensive Cars Dominate North American Auto Show in 2018

The augmented use of aluminum in the automotive industry is becoming more accepted and we have been following this trend closely. An increasing number of automakers are opting for this lightweight metal for their models. Just recently, we published an article that highlighted the benefits of using lightweight materials when [...]

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Secondary A356.2 – 3 Benefits of Using Light Weight Materials When Building Automobiles

Environmental activists’ concern over energy consumption and greenhouse emissions in the transport industry is nothing new. According to a study commissioned by the International Aluminium Institute, entitled “Energy savings by Light-weighting”, the concern has not abated and current political targets and societal voices call for a substantial reduction in energy [...]

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How NAFTA Renegotiations May Affect A356.2 Users

ECCOMELT356.2: MADE in AMERICA In December 1992, Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, Mexican President Carlos Salinas de Gortari, and the U.S. President George H.W. Bush signed the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The agreement came into force in 1994. One of the major accomplishments of the agreement was the [...]

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Economical Foundry Alloy Substitute | Eccomelt

How to Save on Rising Aluminum Foundry Premiums Aluminum foundry premiums are on the rise in Europe, the United States and in Turkey. In Europe, premiums in Germany have hit record highs not seen since March. In Turkey, numbers are at their highest since May, and in the United States, [...]

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Eccomelt Responds to Increased Demand for A356.2 Substitute

As the weather becomes colder and the days become shorter, one cannot help but notice that winter is coming. The winter season, especially in December, is a joyous one. Most European and North American businesses are in full gear and are preparing for an increase in sales and production. In [...]

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