Market Forces and Aluminum Supply Chain Management

Although Covid-19 poses a challenge to mining and metals supply chains, it is important to remember that price volatility is nothing new; in fact, throughout 2018 factors such as climate change, tariffs, shutdowns beginning in China, and a lack of diversification have all affected supply chains, much of which has [...]

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Upward trend for automotive sales expected as result of easing CoVID-19 restrictions

The CoVID-19 pandemic outbreak was a major roadblock for the automotive sector. In March 2020, 80% of automotive and related companies reported that the health crisis will have a direct impact on their revenues. 78% also stated they did not have enough staff to run a production line. The reason [...]

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Highlights – S&P Global Platts Aluminum Symposium January 2019

Eccomelt LLC participated in last week’s Platts Aluminum Symposium in San Diego, CA, where Frank Cicchino and Martin Hartlieb met with customers, suppliers and fellow aluminum industry experts to discuss the current situation in our industry. Here are the highlights of the presentations from this premier event: The primary aluminum [...]

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Treasury Department to Lift Sanctions against Rusal and Gaz Group | Substitute A356.2

Great strides are being made in negotiations between the Trump administration and Rusal (the second largest aluminum producer in the world) and Gaz Group (a Russian automotive conglomerate). The Treasury Department announced on Wednesday December 19, 2018 that it would be lifting sanctions against Rusal and Gaz Group. It felt [...]

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Are Trade Tariffs Rebuilding U.S. Aluminum Industry? | Eccomelt 356.2 Recycled A356.2

It is no secret that President Donald Trump is taking an aggressive approach to trade. In September alone, the Trump Administration shelled out $4.4 billion in tariffs, a 50% increase from September of 2017. The increase came largely from the $1.4 billion in tariffs imposed on imports of foreign steel [...]

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Martin Hartlieb to Present Eccomelt356.2 Research at ALUMINUM 2018 Conference

What is the current status of the aluminum market? Are we in the midst of a surplus or a looming deficit? Is vehicle lightweighting an economical solution for consumers and auto manufacturers? How can industry leaders reduce the carbon footprint of aluminum castings? If you are asking yourself these questions [...]

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Trump Administration Slowly Reviving Dormant Aluminum Plant to Meet Goals

It has been three months since The President of the United States, Donald Trump introduced 10% tariffs on all aluminum and steel imports. It has been a little over a month since the tariff exemption on aluminum imports was lifted for key American allies, including Canada. The purpose: The Trump [...]

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Electric Vehicles to Transform Aluminum Demand by 2035

A recent survey done by WardsAuto and DuPont Automobile revealed that aluminum is the preferred material of choice among engineers and designers looking to improve the fuel economy and emissions of automobiles and light truck. Analysts are also suggesting that aluminum is entering growth phase and will remain the fastest [...]

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A356.2 Substitute Addresses Deficit in Aluminum Supply in the U.S.

A trade war between Canada and the United States is imminent due to tariffs imposed on the former’s aluminum and steel by the latter. This decision made by the President of the United States will have a substantial impact on American consumers, especially those looking to purchase new cars and [...]

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4 Industries Adversely Affected by Aluminum Tariffs & Sanctions

In a span of two months, the aluminum industry took two major hits. The first hit came on March 8, 2018 when the President of the United States Donald Trump signed the steel and aluminum tariff proclamations that levied tariffs on the metal imports. Only Canada and the United States [...]

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